Ram Pickup Training

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in Ram's 2014 first quarter live training event on the Ram pickup.  I picked up tons of great information and wanted to share a little bit of what I gleaned from the training.

Overall, it was great to spend a day really focusing on the engineering and design of our trucks.  We all know WHAT we need our trucks to do--tow, haul, go offroad--but sometimes we don't spend enough time understanding the HOW behind getting it all done.  Every truck out there can sit on the showroom floor and look great and, yeah, they all have numbers that look great on paper too--horsepower, torque ratings, fuel economy, etc.--but when you pay $40,000+ for a truck, you want more than numbers on a piece of paper.

Here are a few key learnings on the Ram 1500 & Ram HD (25/3500):

RAM 1500

  • The 3.0L Ecodiesel will be arriving in dealerships very soon and is going to be an amazing motor.  Torque output is well over 400 lbs./ft and it will be the most fuel efficient engine on the half ton market.  Definite game-changer!
  • Adding the 3.0L engine really rounds out the half ton lineup of motors.  We'll have the 3.6L V6, the 5.7L HEMI, and the 3.0L Eco available on Ram 1500's.  Should be a great choice for everyone.  Despite all the smoke that other brands (Ford) blow about fuel economy, I'm excited about the power/fuel ratios of all 3 of our engines.
  • After getting to ride in both the Ford & Chevy, I'm convinced that there is still no better interior than Ram.  The 2014 Chevy is nice but it's really just a copy of the Ram interior and it just falls a little short.  
  • Suspension, suspension, suspension-->we drove over a wicked 'herringbone' bump course made up of offset 4"x4" pressure treated beams.  It was a great demonstration of how the multi-link rear coil suspension in the Ram reduces body roll far better than the leaf springs found in other models.

RAM HEAVY DUTY (2500/2500)

  • The new 6.4L "Big Gas" HEMI (say it really fast and see if you don't giggle) is an awesome new engine.  It's HP and torque outputs vault us over Ford & Chevy for dominance in the gas powered heavy duty market.
  • The trainers spend about 30 minutes giving us an in-depth look at the frame of the Ram Heavy Duty truck.  Our truck uses a fully-boxed steel frame with hydroformed sections of high strength steel.  Plus, this year Ram added 2 extra cross-members to the frame to enhance stiffness.  Why do you want a stiff frame?  The best way the trainers put it is this, imagine bending a paperclip back and forth over and over.  What happens after a while?  The paperclip snaps at the bend point because the metal gets fatigued and fails.  A stronger frame prevents the truck from bending and twisting which results in longer durability.
  • There is a new "CHMSL" camera on the HD Rams located above the rear box.  It's perfect for anyone who uses a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer because the camera shows what's going on the bed of the truck.  Not only can it be used for hookups, when the truck is moving the driver can get a 10 second glimpse of what's happening in the bed just in case something comes loose or is rattling around.  

All in all it was a great day of training.  The engineers at Ram really have put a lot of effort into making our trucks the absolute best pickups on the planet and it really shows.  It's easy to throw around the fact that our truck is the 1st ever back-to-back Motor Trend Truck of the Year but it's nice to be able to point out the design elements that all add up to making that happen.

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