2013 Ram 1500 Air Suspension

Just last week I had a chance to help a customer find their new 2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Laramie 4x4.  First of all, the customer was a "car guy" who loves all types of vehicles which made him a blast to work with.  He traded in a very nice competitive brand truck so he was very experienced with truck features, capabilities, etc.  We found the truck he ended up buying at Blevins Motors in Potsdam and I personally went there to pick it up and bring it back to the 'burg.  Somewhat selfishly, I wanted to drive the truck to try out the new-for-2013 air suspension as well as the new 8 speed transmission.  

Here's what I learned about each of them:

Air Suspension

This system has a big-time "cool" factor, especially when the 7" color TFT screen on the dash (between the tach & speedo) gives you the update "Aero Mode Achieved" which means the truck is riding slightly lower to get maximum fuel economy at highway speed.  I averaged about 22 mpg between Potsdam & Ogdensburg with a 5.7L HEMI which I was pretty impressed with.  

Aside from just the "cool" factor, there is a very big "real world" reason to add this option to your vehicle.  The Air Suspension does a great job leveling the truck when it is under heavy load.  My customer had a 7000 lb. boat & trailer combination that we hooked the truck to before he purchased it to make sure it wouldn't "squat" the rear end.  The air suspension leveled the truck out perfectly even with the high tongue weight of the trailer weighing down the back.  

To learn more about the Air Suspension, check out this video.

8 Speed Automatic Transmission

This new feature for 2013 improves fuel economy while providing optimum torque across the entire power band.  This particular truck had the 8 speed paired with a 3.21 rear end, pretty small by today's standards.  The 3.21 rear proved to be up to the task of towing a 7000 lb trailer/boat combo with ease.  Plus, when unloaded, the truck gets great fuel mileage.  Keeping in mind that even for people with campers or boats, 80-90% of driving is done without a trailer attached the extra speeds and smaller rear end add up to big fuel savings over time.  

My customer did a test run hauling his boat and was really pleased with the performance under load.  The 5.7L HEMI engine is truly a great engine and has been for years, making 395 hp and 407 ft-lb of torque, and mated to the 8 speed you hardly even notice a shift and power is delivered consistently across all throttle ranges.  My customer's take on the 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie was, "I barely even noticed the trailer behind me."

All in all, this was a great chance for me to experience both of these amazing features and hear the opinion of a customer well-versed in trailer towing and truck performance.  I know it's my opinion, but I'm convinced that there is no better truck on the market than the 2013 Ram 1500 and I enjoy every opportunity I get to prove it!

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